"Expression" has been my signature piece for a long time. I use it for my business cards, avatars, and any place I need a single piece to reflect my work. It was the first drawing I did that I looked at and felt like it was beyond my abilities (other artists will know what I'm talking about). It was the drawing that made me decide that maybe I could be an artist.

The inspiration for this drawing came from a magazine ad for the Arabian Horse Association, I believe. The horse in the photo was gray, but I fell in love with the action portrayed in the simple pose, and as I sketched it, it turned into a bay horse instead of gray, and pretty soon, it was a finished drawing and by far the best I'd ever done.

It's only been recently that I feel I surpassed the level of this drawing, but it will always hold a special place in my heart as the drawing that started my art career.

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