"Newborn" was inspired by a photograph in an equine magazine. It was a horse and foal in almost this exact pose. I made them pintos and put them on a bed of straw rather than the grass in the photo.

The original drawing made an ironic journey. I sold it during a show in Madison, Minnesota, in the fall of 2007. Since I like to keep track of where my originals go, I asked the buyer where she was from. Her response was, "It's a little town in Iowa - Orange City." It just so happens that Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, was where I went to college for two years, and she was acquainted with one of my art professors. It's such a small world!

"Newborn" is available as prints and printed on stationery in my Etsy shop:
Newborn print
Framed Newborn print
Newborn stationery

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