Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter equine eye-candy

For Easter weekend, I went to visit relatives in Wisconsin. A side benefit to this trip is that I get to visit a nationally-known Arabian farm. Being that it's spring, there's a lot of little foals running around. 

I only managed to get one clear photo in the dim light of the barn.

I know it's blurry, but I just love the expression on this one's face.

The weather was crappy, so only the oldest foals went out later in the day, one of whom hid on the other side of the paddock the whole time, so I really only got to photograph one baby. He was a beauty though!

Snotty baby! :)

Trying to reach the grass despite those long legs.

What did you do for Easter? Any good spring photos?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm a favorite blog!

For those of you keeping up with the ArtFire/Postling boot camp (if you aren't, it's well worth checking out!), I was listed as one of their favorite blogs!

I'm sorry, this is going to run into the text on the right, but I wanted it to be large enough print so it's legible:

I tend to wonder if people really find any interest in what I have to say. I also feel really bad that I haven't put more time into the design for my blog. Although I have some basic design experience from my newspaper job, I am web illiterate, and every tutorial on the topic might as well be written in Greek. It was a big confidence boost for me that someone thinks my blog is worthwhile! :)

So thanks to everyone who thinks it's worth their time to read my ramblings, and hello to all the new followers who find their way here from the boot camp post!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Giveaway winner!

The winner of my notepad giveaway is......

Frannie of Thoughtful Hearts

Thanks to all who entered, and be sure to go check out Frannie's lovely blog.

Didn't win? My notepads are available for purchase.
If you have an Etsy account, you can find them here.
Otherwise, you can find them at ArtFire.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thou shalt not covet...

... but how about if it's for sale?

With spring arriving, I'm itching to get outside and take photos, and I'm seriously wishing for two photography-related items - a camera strap that clips on and off easily and a larger (and cuter) bag so I can carry more than just my camera in it.

Here's what I've coveting right now:

This gorgeous bag from Xcessrize on Etsy:
Look at all those pockets! I could easily keep my camera, strap, extra memory cards and batteries plus maybe some snacks if I'm taking a super long photo trek. And someday, when I can upgrade to a DSLR, I'll have room for that too.

This awesome strap from MadebyMeegz on Etsy:
I almost can't believe this is a completely different seller - it coordinates with the bag so perfectly! It also has quick-relase snaps, so you can take off the strap and have just a small carrying handle left on your camera - I'm quickly discovering that this is a necessity for me since I get myself into some situations where I'm paranoid of dropping my camera (holding it out over rushing water) and I want the neck strap for security, but then there's other situations (shooting straight down taking photos of my art) where I just want the strap to go away. With this, I'd have the best of both worlds, and it looks great too!

Any special items you're coveting today?

Reminder: There's still a few days left to win one of my notepads, and there's not many entries yet, so you've got a good chance of winning! Go check out this post to enter!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've got something exciting coming up with my art, but so I don't jinx it, I don't want to talk about it until it actually happens. In the meantime, I'm starting a new sewing project. I hit the jackpot at JoAnn Fabrics a few weeks back - I got four yards of patterned satiny fabric, a new set of patterns for some fun summery tops, and the notions for $25!

Cutting the pattern.
 (I made the quilt underneath, isn't it pretty? My second quilt ever, and it's still my favorite!)

Close up of the photo of the top I'm making.

Cutting out the fabric pieces. Love, love, LOVE this fabric!

Starting to sew.

I love my sewing machine! My grandma bought it when my dad was young, she taught me to quilt on it, and when she wasn't able to get to the basement anymore to use it, she gave it to me.

Close up of my super-impressive stitching. :)
Since I learned to quilt first and the stitches don't show with that, I'm having to learn to be more careful about my stitches, especially on projects like this where the thread is going to show on at least some of the colors.

I'm aiming to photograph this project all the way through, so you'll be seeing more of this in the future. :)

Reminder: I have a giveaway going on this week. Go here to enter.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


That's right. I told myself that when I hit 25 followers, I'd have my first giveaway! Nothing big, but we've all got to start somewhere, right? Here it is:

I'll be giving away one of these lovely little notepads that have my signature drawing "Expression" printed on each sheet.

Rather than having the typical "Count me in" responses, I want to do something fun. In order to enter, you must leave me a comment here with a question - it can be anything about me, my art, drawing/art in general, anything you want to know - provided it's something I'd know the answer to :). I'll do a post (or a few) later on with responses to the questions. 
You can get an additional entry for each time you mention this giveaway - just leave another comment with the link to wherever you mentioned it. Also, be sure to leave your email address, so I can contact you if you win.

Edit to add: I've got a Facebook page now too, and you can get another entry by "liking" me there and posting here that you did so.

This giveaway will be open for entries through Monday, April 11. I'll randomly choose and post the winner on April 12.

Enjoy! :)
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