Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday - January 13

In my Art Instructions Schools portrait lesson, I've been drawing facial features all week. Right now, I'm working on teeth.

For my sketching, I've been doing different angles of a model horse. After two non-horse drawings, I needed to get back to my favorite subject. A couple years ago, I did this with another model horse - just rotated it a little each day and drew whatever angle I was looking at. I felt it was a really good way to really study all the different angles, and I wanted to try it again.
Here's the horse I'm working from:

And here's one of the sketches I did this week:

Still working out what I'm going to do for my next drawing, but it feels pretty good to have a break from a pressing project.

1 comment:

Frannie said...

Your horses are always so awesome. I would love to see your "teeth"
sketch when it's done. I would imagine teeth are hard to sketch.

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