Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Artist feature: GlassCube

I've been sitting on this interview for so long that I had to follow her to a new shop on Artfire, so I'm finally going to post it. :)

Katrina of Grove City, OH is the artist behind GlassCube. She is currently a full-time engineer hoping, like many of us, to become a full-time artist someday. "While I love the analytical side to me, I have to say that sitting in a cubicle all day isn't the greatest! I mean, no one actually loves that aspect right!?" She's a self-taught artist who has been doing glasswork for only a few months! "I bought all the necessary supplies to get started and taught myself how to do it!"

Her favorite part of her craft is the combination of control and, well.... lack of control. "Before the glass goes into the kiln, the artist has full control over the design. The art is as flexible as can be with all sorts of new advancements coming out! I can use full sheets of glass that I cut by hand, small pieces of glass frit to add texture and dimension, or work with stringers, rods and even glass paper! Then you put it into the kiln. You always know the basic shape that the glass will come out in, but melted glass has a mind of its own at times. I love the surprise of how the glass folds and drapes over the molds. I love that no piece can ever be exactly the same, and that somehow this rigid medium comes out looking soft and flowing with all the bends and curves that can take shape! It is just stunning."

While she says that her favorite item changes daily, or even hourly, my personal favorite in her shop is this beautiful vase:

"The vases just inspire me! I love the curves, the draping effect, etc. They come out as a surprise to me really! I can only plan so much of the design. They keep me on my toes, and keep me constantly excited to see the final results!"

The vases are only one example of her work. Check out her shop to see bowls, boxes, plates, sculptures, and ornaments!


Dyche Designs said...

Great feature, she creates some fun colorful pieces.

Frannie said...

Wonderful post. Glasscube has a beautiful flare to her work.

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