Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I think I'm maybe starting to recover from this last weekend. Three days - 20 hours - of seeing people and talking about myself and my work is exhausting! I saw about 465 people during the weekend and heard so many good comments, such as, "I thought it was a photograph!" and about my Beagle drawing, "Look how soft his ears are!", but my favorite, the best compliment I've probably ever gotten, "They're moving!" Sounds so simple, but if someone thinks my artwork is realistic enough that the horses look like they're alive, then I know I've done my job well.

I also got a book of tons of art fairs in the Midwest from the other artist displaying with me, and I'm very excited to apply to some of them next year. I didn't realize how many art fairs there are nearby that I'd never even heard about before.

Here are some photos of what my display looked like (forgive the ugly background, I didn't have much say over that):
The table with my book of prints and also some already matted prints that can be sold as is or put in any of the frames available.
My stationery table. I also found a nice little table easel, so I can display a framed drawing on the table, and I really like how it looks.
My whole display.

My art display board.
Another view of my whole display.

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Megana said...

Nice display! It's always good to hear comments from folks in-person about your artwork. It's one of the best inspirations.

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