Sunday, November 14, 2010

Art & craft sale finds

Yesterday, I went with my family to a local craft show and also to a smaller art show. The craft show I displayed at last year and debated doing it again this year as it was mildly successful, but in the end decided against it. It's more fun to attend as a shopper. Here's what I found:



It's a beautiful fused glass (I think) tart burner. I've always been a pyromaniac and swore I'd never give up the flames in my candles, but this is GORGEOUS! I got a pack of cedarwood-vanilla scented tarts too.

At the art show, I talked to many wonderful artists. The one that stood out the most for me was Anndell of AW Design & Photography. She had some incredible panoramic photos, one made up of 35 individual photos! I bought this photo from her for my (someday) John Deere themed dining room:

Andell Wubben

I also met this artist who had some beautiful work as well.
This is one show I'd like to display at next year. Everyone was so friendly, and I had a great time!

I also mentioned a few days ago that it was my birthday, and this is the beautiful print that my parents bought for me:

Caballero - Mona Majorowicz

I've seen her work a couple times at a show, and everything is beautiful!

Seeing all these incredible artists this weekend makes me itch to draw. Unfortunately, it's back to the desk job grind tomorrow.

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