Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrate Art! Celebrate Coffee! report

First off, sorry for not putting up a Sketchbook Sunday post this week. I typically take a week or two off after finishing a drawing, plus my co-worker was out for the week which meant I worked five days last week, so I didn't have much of anything to show you.

I finally got all the stats worked out from the Celebrate Art! Celebrate Coffee! show a few weeks ago, and it's not real pretty, unfortunately. I had a great time at the show, but it just didn't work out profit-wise.

Entry fee: $80.00
Gas: $33.71 (154 miles divided by 18 mpg times $3.94 per gallon)
Expenses: $113.71

Sales: $90.00
Sales tax: $6.12
Profit: $83.88

So, after all that, I lost $29.83.

The positives were that it was a gorgeous day, a super fun event with artists and music all over, lots of people, I had lots of really good conversations, and it was really fun to have the name-the-drawing contest set up and watch people participate in it.

Here's a photo of me in my booth at the show. I formatted it to finally fill up the empty spot that's been my Facebook cover photo.

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