Thursday, October 4, 2012

Looking Back in Time

I'm quite disappointed that I don't have something better to show you. Apparently, the scanner didn't pick up the subtle shading in the white areas, and since the drawing has been mailed off for a contest, I can't have it rescanned. The print shop has been trying this week to darken those areas without compromising the rest of the drawing, but it's impossible to darken pixels that just didn't scan.

Here it is, the bad scan of the finished drawing.

The title chosen for the drawing is "Looking Back in Time". I thought it was appropriate both since it's a portrait from a time gone by and because the horse is looking back over his shoulder.

Most of the suggestions were names for the horse himself, and I almost went with that instead. My three favorites were Goliath, Samson, and Titan. Big, strong names for a big, strong horse.

The original drawing is now in Minneapolis awaiting judging for a contest. Unfortunately, prints will not be available until the drawing is returned late winter/early spring. Hopefully, by then I'll have found a place able to scan it properly.

1 comment:

Frannie said...

What a lovely illustration. I love the title also.

Pixels. I darken mine in Photoshop.
Not sure it would work in this case though.

Best of luck!


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