Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday - November 18

This past week, I finished the bison commission. After showing him to the client, she requested I add a tail, and I really like how that balances him out.

In my art lessons, I'm working on the final assignment for the lesson on foreshortening. In order to follow the instructions, I have to work up from the line of action, skeleton, basic shapes, muscle structure, etc. It really goes against the way I typically work. I know it's kind of hard to see. The lines are so light at this point that even upping the contrast doesn't do a whole lot. I'll have better photos next week.

I didn't do much sketching this week since I was working on finishing the bison. In fact, this flower was the only sketching I did this week.

I also have been playing around with Photoshop Elements that I got for my birthday last week. Here's one of the photos that I worked on editing this week. There were just little bits of another horse in the background that were kind of distracting, and I took him out - love being able to do that!

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