Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finally - the wrap up of the January daily sketches.

Just like predicted, we have a bright, sunny, beautiful (if 5 degrees can be beautiful) day, and I was able to take photos of my last sketches from January.
Jan. 30:
So I just realized how odd that looks in the sketch (not one of my better ones). It's the horse's side from about a 3/4 rear view showing his haunches in the foreground and shoulder in the background.

Jan. 31:

And my favorite sketches from the first week of February:

Also this week, I broke out my oil paints again. I've been trying to figure out something I can do with all these odd scraps of matboard that are left over when I cut mats, and I figured I might as well paint on them for practice rather than wasting canvas. I just did a sunset-like color blend to get the feel for it again:

It felt really good to use color again. I don't know if I'll ever take my painting to the level of my drawing, but I NEED to feed my color obsession every so often.

1 comment:

Dyche Designs said...

Love the sketches. Have fun with the oils. :0)

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