Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where did January go?!? Daily sketching summary

I remember thinking in late December, "Wow, HOW am I going to find time to sketch EVERY DAY?!?" 
Now, looking back at January, I can't believe it went so fast. 

There were days at first where I really struggled to find a decent amount of time to sketch (remember those 2-3 min. sketches the first few days?), but once I decided to commit 15 min. each day to it, somehow, it suddenly became easier to find the time, and now, I'm looking back and saying, "I did it!" :)

Did you notice I changed horses? 

I know, I said I was going to do the same horse all month in order to use my creativity in finding new perspectives.  

There was one day I'd decided I was bored and was going to just abandon the project.

Then I stopped myself and thought about why I wanted to quit, and I realized I was sick of sketching the same horse. So I picked out a new one, and my excitement for the project came right back again. 

I'm still struggling working with the artificial light on days I work and it's already dark when I get home.

But I changed my set up around, so the horse is on the edge of the table, and I just sit next to the table facing it, so the lighting is at least coming from the side a bit.

I have two more sketches I haven't photographed yet, and I'll share them soon.

I've decided to keep this project up indefinitely. Before this, there were entire days (mostly days I worked) where I did no art whatsoever. It's hard to find time to sit down and work on a drawing, but I can always find 15 min. to sketch. This project has brought art into my life each and every day. Most days, that makes me very happy; the days it doesn't, I know I'm at least growing as an artist. ;)
I won't be posting every sketch anymore, but I'll probably choose one or two each week to share with you.

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Silverlight said...

Well done, Melissa! I've enjoyed seeing your sketches – some of the angles that you showed us were just beautiful, and even though there was usually only a small part of the horse drawn, there was still a 'feeling' coming from the drawings – they still spoke to us. Kudos to you!

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