Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter equine eye-candy

For Easter weekend, I went to visit relatives in Wisconsin. A side benefit to this trip is that I get to visit a nationally-known Arabian farm. Being that it's spring, there's a lot of little foals running around. 

I only managed to get one clear photo in the dim light of the barn.

I know it's blurry, but I just love the expression on this one's face.

The weather was crappy, so only the oldest foals went out later in the day, one of whom hid on the other side of the paddock the whole time, so I really only got to photograph one baby. He was a beauty though!

Snotty baby! :)

Trying to reach the grass despite those long legs.

What did you do for Easter? Any good spring photos?


Silverlight said...

Arabs are so regal, even as foals.
Thanks for sharing these little beauties with us.

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

Great horse! thanks for sharing!...Daniel

Dyche Designs said...

Great pics, I love seeing baby animals at this time of year. The fields around our home are full of calves and lambs. They're so cute when they're little.

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