Friday, April 8, 2011

Thou shalt not covet...

... but how about if it's for sale?

With spring arriving, I'm itching to get outside and take photos, and I'm seriously wishing for two photography-related items - a camera strap that clips on and off easily and a larger (and cuter) bag so I can carry more than just my camera in it.

Here's what I've coveting right now:

This gorgeous bag from Xcessrize on Etsy:
Look at all those pockets! I could easily keep my camera, strap, extra memory cards and batteries plus maybe some snacks if I'm taking a super long photo trek. And someday, when I can upgrade to a DSLR, I'll have room for that too.

This awesome strap from MadebyMeegz on Etsy:
I almost can't believe this is a completely different seller - it coordinates with the bag so perfectly! It also has quick-relase snaps, so you can take off the strap and have just a small carrying handle left on your camera - I'm quickly discovering that this is a necessity for me since I get myself into some situations where I'm paranoid of dropping my camera (holding it out over rushing water) and I want the neck strap for security, but then there's other situations (shooting straight down taking photos of my art) where I just want the strap to go away. With this, I'd have the best of both worlds, and it looks great too!

Any special items you're coveting today?

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