Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday favorites June 11

I actually bought this popcorn spice kit from purposedesign on Etsy, but I gave it away in a Christmas gift exchange. I've been wanting to buy one for myself ever since.

Love these seasonal dragon prints from MysticMoonMedia on ArtFire.

This little dragon from AprilDraven on Etsy is super cute!

Love the detail in this fairy drawing from Morgaine-du-Mer on ArtFire.

Gorgeous colors in this orchid photograph from AutumnsHollow on Etsy.

I can't get over how stunning this sunset photo from RainWolf on ArtFire is!

Pretty scarf from LogCabinCreation on Etsy.

More beautiful colors in this shawl from Splendiferous Fiber on ArtFire.

Fun way to dress up a plain skirt.

This is such a creative idea for a beach wedding, and I love the quote!

I'm doing once a month cooking on Saturday, and Sunday I'll go out to eat for my grandma's 90th birthday! What are your plans for the weekend?

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