Friday, July 22, 2011

Drawing my horse - step by step

I started this drawing a while back, but it just wasn't coming together like I'd hoped. I'm really in love with the vision I have for it in my head, so I didn't want to just abandon it, and since I'd like to have something new to enter in the county fair next weekend, this seemed like the likely choice. I've been faithful this time at taking photos of every 15 minutes of progress, so here are the first three hours of work.
15 min. - basic outline drawn, still not at all happy with it.

30 min. - started over with a grid to get proportions right.

45 min. - basic outline in again, better this time, erased the grid.

1 hour - basic shadows in, starting on the shading in the ear

1 hours, 15 min. - work on the ear mostly done.

1 hour, 30 min. - finishing the ear, putting in the shading on the neck

1 hour, 45 min. - more shading on the neck - started on the forehead.

2 hours - did the eye - always the most crucial part - I like to do it pretty early on because if I screw it up completely, it will ruin the whole drawing.

2 hours, 15 min. - more work on eye, developing the shadows on the underside of the jaw.

2 hours, 30 min. - started the shading on the cheek

2 hours, 45 min. - shading the chin area.

3 hours - working on the nose/muzzle area - I love this stage in the drawing when it actually starts to look like something!

By the way, this is my horse, Sawyer Brown SDA. I'll try to find the digital copy of the photo I'm working from and throw it up here with the next round of step by step shots.

If you want to get more frequent updates on this step by step drawing process, you can check out my Facebook page.


Tiffany at Beyond Magical Bath and Body said...

Wow! That is beautifully done! My husband is also an artist, and you all completely amaze me with your talent.

Dyche Designs said...

Wow, your work is amazing. I love the snapshots you took showing how it developed. Just beautiful.

Frannie said...

I love the process. A work of art and LOVE.

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