Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Extending the Giveaway and Contest

It's come to my attention that, for some reason I've been unable to figure out, comments are not coming through on my giveaway post, and I think it's kind of pick and choose with the name the drawing post - there are some comments on that one, but I know at least one person who tried to comment and was unable to.

Due to this, I'm extending both the giveaway and the name the drawing contest (click on the links to see the original posts including the prizes, rules, etc.) through Sunday, August 28. You can comment on this post for either one, but please check back to make sure your comment comes through. I don't moderate comments, so it should go up immediately.

If your comment doesn't work, you can leave a message on my Facebook page or tweet @melissalynndart. You could also shoot me an email at black_unicorn11@yahoo.com if you wish, but make sure to put something about blog giveaway or name the drawing contest in the subject, so I don't think it's junk mail.

Comments already left on the name the drawing post will be counted - no need to submit them again, but if you entered that contest, go and make sure that your post is actually there.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone knows what's going on with the comments or has suggestions to fix it, please let me know.

1 comment:

Dyche Designs said...

When I was having a problem with people leaving comments I had to change my comments setting to a pop up window rather than embedded. Don't know if that's something you've tried?

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