Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Favorites Nov. 18

This belly dancing costume from PoisonBabe is my color palette. You could not possibly choose a combination of colors that I like more.

I'd love to add this Christmas carousel horse from AzEmbroideryBarn to my decorations this year!

Another horse's eye - this one from cindypriceart.

From Pinterest:
Banana ice cream - Not banana flavored - made from bananas! Going to have to try this and see if it's actually any good. You have to scroll down the page a little ways to get to the recipe.
Great quote - to inspire me to watch what I eat.
Peppermint star - gorgeous!
Lazy girl's apple pie - my husband LOVES apple pie, but I despise making it (if I'm going through all the work of pie, I'm going to make pecan!)

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