Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Christmas gift I'm most excited about!

Most years, I hesitate to name any one gift as my favorite... not this year! Although I love the royal blue Rachel Ray cookware set I got from my mom, nothing could compare to what my husband bought me:

Introducing my new best friend - the Canon Rebel T3 - my first DSLR! I just got it yesterday, and I have a lot of learning to do with it. I'm starting by reading the instruction manual entirely - something I wish I'd done with my Fuji since I probably never knew half of what that camera could do.

I think it's ironic how the two shots that are possibly the last from my Fuji FinePix S700 are some of the best it's taken lately - it had my new homemade lightbox to help, but still, those are the raw photos, no editing whatsoever.

Did you get anything exciting for Christmas?

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