Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday favorites Dec. 16

I promise one of these days I'll get back to blogging something besides my Friday favorites. It's been a bit of a crazy week at work with the ad designer out sick for three days and having to do her work plus my own and then having to put together the Christmas edition.

But for now, some things I found to love on Etsy this week:

Gorgeous candle holders from blueroompottery. Love the color, and I'm obsessed with candle holders that throw shapes or colors on the surroundings.

Exquisite Andalusian drawing from EquineTreasures.

A super neat horse shoe star from BurdetteIronworks. I've seen lots of things made from horse shoes, but never anything like this.

From Pinterest:
Peppermint swirl cookies - I have so many Christmas treats made already, but I might have to make time for one more - only three ingredients too!
How to protect your camera in cold weather - I never would've even thought about condensation inside a camera, but it sure is easy to protect it.
Sesame chicken recipe - I LOVE sesame chicken, but there's really only one place I can get it, and it's 45 min. away and drowning in grease. Now I can make it myself and maybe make it a bit healthier.

I've been collecting a lot of Christmas goodie recipes this year. If you have any good ones, I'd love to have them!

1 comment:

Frannie said...

Wonderful post. Love the camera tip. Thank you for sharing.

Happy, happy holidays!


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