Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's in My Sketchbook Wednesday - bison, a new ACEO, and lessons

Worked on lots of different projects yesterday.

First off, I had to get going on the ACEO for March, so I spent some time deciding what to do and getting it lightly sketched onto the card. I'd like to get some work done on the bison this month, so I chose a fairly simple subject (as far as shading will go).
Can you tell what it is?

Speaking of the bison, I worked on him a little more too. Printed off a reference photo that showed the brisket and upper front legs better, so I made some changes to them. Then I started with the shading on the back end. The hairy front end intimidates me a little, so I'm starting off easy. I also watched "Dances with Wolves" this weekend and paid special attention during the buffalo hunt scene to see how they move.

Then a lot of work for my next art school assignment. I had to do two practice sketches showing that I understand the concept of making one object stand out in a group. Apparently, I forgot to take a photo of the first one which was a group of spools of thread, all standing up except one laying on its side. Here's the other:
Which one is your eye drawn to?

And for the final assignment for this lesson, we're given a photograph of a farm scene and told to compose it so that the shed in the middle is the center of interest. There's three parts to this assignment - 3 line sketches, 3 value sketches, and the final project. I've just done one line sketch which is largely a copy of the photo except I made it horizontally aligned, cutting out a lot of empty sky and grassy foreground. It's kind of hard to see because I had to darken the photo a lot since I sketch so lightly.

I'll be doing a bunch more of those little sketches in the coming week. I'll choose my three best to include with the assignment and the best one to move onto value sketches. I have to admit that while I love farm/country subjects, this one is not inspiring me, and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to change about it.

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