Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's in My Sketchbook Wednesday - finished ACEO!

I didn't get a lot of studio time yesterday because we gave all our cows their pre-calving vaccines. I did get my next lesson read during the week and started on the first part of the assignment. I'm to make a sketch of three silhouette figures and make one draw more attention than the other two. Since the instructions gave permission to trace the example silhouettes, that's what I'm doing. No sense in making it more difficult than it needs to be, right?

I also put the finishing touches on my February ACEO. I decided to add just a bit of variety in the background, so I lightened up the right edge and the left corners just a bit and left the deep black around the flower.
This piece is now for sale and available to my blog followers for $25. Send me an email at if you're interested in purchasing this piece.

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