Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday - September 30

Good news! I finished the draft horse this past week in time to get him in for the contest!
Bad news - I took him in to the print shop to get scanned, and I haven't gotten the file emailed to me yet, so you don't get to see him today.

I started doing the drawing activities in my art lesson. I had to put my own hand in a foreshortened position and draw it starting with the see-through basic shapes (hence all those ugly extra lines). This was quite difficult as it's in a bound book that didn't want to lay open flat, so I was trying to hold the book open and draw with my right hand while I held my left hand perfectly still.

And a sketch from this week. Yet another of the photos I took for the county fair.

I'll post the scan of the finished draft horse as soon as I get him from the print shop. At that time, I'll announce the name I chose for him.

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