Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back from the show

Well... I was right. Besides myself, there were two other people I'd call artists in the common sense of the word - a painter down the aisle from me and a charcoal artist in another building. There were also a half dozen or so very talented jewelers and a wood carver who I would call artists. Everything else was crafty stuff.

So far, I haven't made back my $110 entry fee, but I gave out a lot of business cards and directed quite a few people to my Etsy shop. I also had many more commission inquiries than I'd expected, and I gave away a pack of cards as a donation to a hospice - with my name and website on the back of each card! ;) Hopefully something more will come from all of it.

That said (and other than raining all day Friday), it was a fun show. Very well put together - fall decorations, healthy options at the food stand, live musicians almost constantly, and a crew of ladies coming around to relieve us artists/crafters for bathroom/meal breaks.

My mom came with me on Friday, so I didn't get a lot of work done other than an hour or so while she looked around, but today I was alone, and I spent most of the morning working on a new drawing. Here's the photo I'm working from (another of my own photos):
And here's the drawing in its current state:
And detail of the harness:

And even though I probably shouldn't, I like to support my fellow artists, so I usually buy one thing at each show. Since the other artwork didn't appeal to me, and since I have a friends' wedding coming up for which I've ordered a new dress, I decided to indulge in a new necklace to go with the dress. Now, I'm not a jewelry person at all. I wear my wedding ring and a necklace my husband gave me about 5 years ago. Maybe earrings on a special occasion, and that's it, but this piece was just so gorgeous and will go with my dress so perfectly that I just had to have it:

Sorry for so many photos, but it just looks different at every angle, so I had to show it off. I can't wait for the dress to arrive to see how they look together!


Silverlight said...

Wow. Well done you! I've done markets before, but not a show. I can imagine that it must be exhausting.
The necklace is beautiful! What a gorgeous colour combination. I'm a sucker for copper wirework and peacock colours myself. Obviously we both have excellent taste. ;-)

Melissa Lynn D said...

Yes, it's pretty tiring, but it adds a fun component that can't be had with online selling - meeting your customer. I enjoy talking to people about horses and my art.

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