Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beau and a bow!

First off, I spent my lunch break at work drawing, did some finishing touches this evening, and I think I've finished the drawing of Beau the beagle for my little sister.
Here he is in his entirety:

And close up shots:

I'll take a fresh look at him in the morning, and if there's no changes, I'll give him a coat of sealant, and he'll be ready to go to the print shop with me tomorrow afternoon to get prints made for my art show next weekend.

I'm hoping my sister still likes him. I talked to her last night, and she'd just found out that Beau had killed one of her kittens (she's a rare person that likes dogs and cats equally). She's pretty upset with him right now, so I hope she still likes the drawing!

Just after I finished him, I looked out my studio window and saw a bow of another type:

Isn't it beautiful? Was much brighter than this. Cameras sometimes just can't do justice to nature.

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