Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Favorites May 27

I've been in love with this shirt from marcellamoda on Etsy for a while now. Wish I had the body to pull off something like this!

I have a strange fascination with medieval style clothing. If I ever start drawing unicorns and dragons, I'm going to buy a fun costume like this from EclecticOddities on ArtFire and sell my work at renaissance fairs. :)

Here's another one from DungeonDudsNJewels on Etsy - wish this was a shirt instead of a dress. Although then I'd be even more tempted to buy it!

These little fairies from ViridianMuse on ArtFire are adorable!

This necklace from LuciusJewelry on Etsy is just gorgeous! I'm in love with the design!

Put an amethyst in the center of these unique earrings from SandyToesJewelry, and they'd go perfectly with that necklace.

I'm not into the whole chakra thing, but nevertheless, this bracelet from assiadesigns on Etsy is very pretty - I especially like the angle of the photography letting the light shine through the stones.

This rainbow bridge memorial bracelet from DesignsbyDebi on ArtFire makes me think of my beloved Sugar who I lost in January of 2004.

Look at how much detail is in the tiny drawing on this bookmark from KateHollArt on Etsy!

And I leave you with this absolutely stunning pencil print from Virgil C. Stephens on ArtFire. I have to have a longer look through this shop!

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Inna said...

Wow. That last drawing is amazing!

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