Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm a student again!

I'd posted a while back about how I'd been "released" from my course with The Art Instruction Schools due to surpassing a time constraint I didn't know existed. I was given three months to come up with $900 to continue with the course, and I knew right away that would never happen. (Honestly, I was peeved enough with them to say "to heck with you!" and not give them another dime just out of spite!)

Fortunately, my husband could see through my "I could care less" attitude to how sad I was about not being able to finish. A few weeks ago, with cattle prices at an all-time high, he took one of our yearling calves to the sale barn, and with the money, he paid my way back into the course. Do I have a wonderful husband or what? :)

I now have until April 26, 2013 to finish the course. I'm on lesson 20 of 27, and they suggest around six weeks for each lesson, so I should be able to finish easily as long as I keep working at it.

Lesson 20 is called "Practical Lettering". It's studying the ins and outs of different styles of lettering and what message they convey. I'm having mixed feelings about the lesson. Lettering styles do interest me, but reading about them is quite dull. I love creating my own fonts, but practicing basic lines bores me.

So here's a look at what I'm working on now - row after row, page after page of practicing perfect letters. Pretty snore-worthy, but hopefully it gets better. :)

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