Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's in My Sketchbook Wednesday, Jan. 11

I actually worked on three things during my day in the studio yesterday.

20 min. sketch of a bison for a commission just to see what the client thinks of the pose:

The "broken" assignment for the Art Instruction Schools lettering lesson. I actually worked some beyond this but must've forgotten to photograph it. I'm combining the second down on the left side with the bottom on the right side. Pretty sure that'll be the final concept I go with. I actually wanted to do the broken glass look (left side, bottom), but since this assignment is to be done with pen and ink, which I'm not completely comfortable with, I decided against it.

I don't think I've showed you this guy before. I have a couple hours of work into him already (he's huge!), and I'm feeling pretty good about how he's coming along. I'm working from the first photo in my Horse Power Event post. I haven't worked in this large sketchbook (it's approximately 16x20 inches) since college, but I thought all the detail in the harness warranted a larger size. You can see I'm using a grid for this one. I don't usually unless I'm having a hard time with proportions, but working at this size, I wanted to be sure to get it correct right away.

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