Friday, August 13, 2010

Excited about shows this fall!

I had a big surprise yesterday! I'd been accepted to a juried show that draws an estimated crowd of 7,000 people, but I had to turn it down due to financial constraints. Not a week later, I sold an original drawing that would've provided the funds, and I was very disappointed that I'd turned down such an opportunity. Then, yesterday, I received an email asking if I'd still be interested in participating - it appears they still have room!  So I'll be in that show Sept. 10-11 - less than a month to prepare!

First weekend in October will be the Upper MN River Meander Art Crawl - will be my fourth year participating, and I'm hoping to have a few more sales this year since the entrance fee went up yet again. I love this event - 40-some artists scattered around west central Minnesota during the peak season for the fall color - the drive is almost as great as the art! I attribute a lot of my success thus far to this event, but it is becoming prohibitively expensive with the fees going up and up every year. I'll see how it goes this year to decide if I want to continue with it.

The very next weekend after the Meander, I just received confirmation that I'll be in the Scott County Art Crawl in the twin cities! This is their first year, and so far, I'm not real impressed with the communication, but they've got a beautiful full-color brochure in the works, they lined up a venue for me, and they exempted me from the "required" meetings since I'm so far away. I'll be exhibiting in the library in Shakopee with two other artists - an oil painter and a nature artist, and I'm so excited to see their work! This will be my first time exhibiting out of my immediate area, and I'm excited to meet a new crowd though I'm a little nervous about marketing my definitely rural-themed artwork to the big city crowd.

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