Sunday, August 29, 2010

My first featured artist!

Been a busy weekend for me, but I'm finally going to get my first featured artist up.

Kristina from Germany is the photographer behind tidytipsy. She feels that, at age 26, she's finally starting to find out her style and what kind of person she aspires to become. "That makes me about 10 years late in growing up I think. Or maybe it is an ongoing process and we change all the time anyway."

Kristina has always been fascinated by pictures and color and compostion and started taking photographs regularly as a teenager. In 2005, she bought her first digital camera and started exploring and learning more about the technical aspects of photography such as lenses, aperture, shutter speed, etc. Two years later, she upgraded to her present camera, a Canon 450D DSLR. "The more I learn and explore about photography the more I love it and couldn’t imagine not taking photos or not being constantly on the lookout for the perfect little photo."

Kristina's personal favorite photograph is the Vintage Camera

This photo was taken in Italy in 2009 while Kristina was visiting friends there. They went to an antique market in the middle of the night and saw a stand full of vintage cameras. The old man selling them was just showing and explaining this camera to an interested couple.
This photo reminds Kristina of a wonderful night in a wonderful place. "I was moved by how lovingly the vendor handled each and every one of his cameras, they were his treasures." The toned black and white matches the age of the camera and of the hands holding it, and Kristina says, "I love, love, love grain in pictures, though some may consider it a flaw."

My personal favorite of Kristina's photos is a Cowboy print

I love all things western and unique angles on everyday scenes, so this one caught my immediate attention. Kristina took this photo at the barn where she goes horseback riding. They host cowboy/old west themed events throughout the year, and this was one of a series of shots she took to sell as postcards to visitors at the events.
Thanks so much to Kristina for allowing an inside look into her life and photos! To view more of her beautiful work, go to tidytipsy.


Lynda said...

Kristina's work is so beautiful. So glad to read a little bit more about her life. Thanks for spotlighting one of my talented internet friends.

RosaMarĂ­a said...

i love her blog and her photos are really beautiful!

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