Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My First Blog!

So I'm a little new (okay, REALLY new) to this blogging thing, but I just get so excited to share some things, and Twitter just doesn't seem to convey my thoughts well enough, so I'm going to try this avenue. Bear with me while I'm in the learning phase. :)

The county fair was this past weekend, and while the judge and I didn't see eye to eye on what makes a good photograph, I was pleasantly surprised with how some of my photographs turned out. You know how sometimes you look at that little image on your camera's screen and think, "Hey, this might be a good photo" and then you print it out and you're just wowed by it? I love it when that happens! So even though I didn't place any higher than 2nd on any of my photos this year, I wanted to share some of my favorites.


Beyond Magical said...

Found you on the Etsy forum!

I love the pictures you posted! Especially the top black and whites. Gorgeous!


Melissa Lynn D said...

I just took a quick peek through your Etsy shop, and I'm drooling! I'm a candle addict, but my husband has a mild allergy to them, so I have to limit my usage. :(
I also wanted to say thank you from a soybean farmer for supporting our livelihood! :)

Frannie said...

Lovely photos. They are all first place in my book. Love the pine cone one the best.
p.s. following...for future posts.

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