Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Candy!

I'm really trying to eat healthy and lose some weight for my sister's wedding next summer, but last night, while cutting mats at my mom and dad's, my mom was making Chex party mix, and there was a whole bunch of peanut butter chocolate star cookies - two of my weaknesses! I'm also partial to the almond bark dipped oreos and pecan pie.

What are your favorite Christmas goodies?

In case you need some reminders, here're some candy-inspired finds from ArtFire:

Garnet Earrings from Bella-Sweet Jewelry

These look just like hard candy to me - such wonderful colors! And the design's pretty nice too! :)

Pink Pom Pom Scarf from ByCamille

This looks like a scarf made of lollipops!

Flower Earrings from Zenith Jade Creations

These remind me of the rosettes my grandma always made for Christmas. I loved them so much!

Cotton Facial Rounds from White Dandelion Works

Admit it, at first you thought these were peppermint candies! They're actually a rather neat idea - basically reusable cotton balls. I'll admit I'm not the most eco-conscious person ever, but I never would've thought of this! And they're so cute too! :)

Pyramind Packages from NewCreatioNZ

If you actually plan on giving candy (or another small gift), what a fun way to package it! My sister and I loved our advent calendar when we were young. Wouldn't it be fun to have 25 of these little boxes numbered and hanging on the tree with a small surprise for each day?

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AZCreativeStudio said...

Amazing items!!!!!!!! I love the floral earrings! so adorable!!!!

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