Monday, December 13, 2010


That's right - dreaming... what I wish I was doing right now! I'm running on five hours of sleep instead of my usual eight, and I really feel like I never woke up and am still in dream land. Not a good state for someone who's proof reading a newspaper being readied to send to print. Thank goodness for lunch break!

So in honor of my stupidity in staying up half the night, here's some dream-inspired finds from ArtFire:

Moon and Stars Necklace from Exquisite Studios

This necklace is just gorgeous! From the deep blue color of the pendant to the little gems accenting the stars on the chain to the delicate cut outs in the moon. It's just perfect!

Turquoise and Lapis Necklace from Hog Wild Jewelry

Another gorgeous necklace! Very southwestern style, which I love. I'm a huge fan of both deep blue and turquoise, but I don't see them together very often.

Blue Chandelier Earrings from Kats All That

Does jewelry remind me of dreaming or what? This is the last of the jewelry for today, I promise. I love the design in the silver accenting the crystals in these earrings.

Music T-shirt from Bad Ink

Yes, I know, I like blue! The musical notes design on this tee could sing me right to sleep. I like the tops in this shop. Most times, you buy a top with a design just on the front, but these have a little extra embellishment on the back making them extra special.

Ribbon Pine Cone Ornament from Curiosity's Piqued

Isn't this adorable?!? A little pine cone made from ribbon. I love the pine needles and holly accent as well. These are available in a few different colors, so go check them out.

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