Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas tree inspired finds

I got my Christmas tree lit up last night. Took a while longer than I'd planned - my lights were tangled in an absolutely hopeless mess. I  had to leave them and come back later more than once or I was going to start breaking things!

Here are some items on ArtFire inspired by Christmas trees:

Candle holder from Exquisite Studios

Doesn't that just remind you of Christmas tree lights? I love candle holders that let the light shine through like this!

Colorful beanie hat from By Camille

More Christmas light colors!

Christmas tree pendant from ZyriFrost

Isn't that cute? Looks just like a little snow-frosted Christmas tree with the northern lights dancing in the sky behind it!

Cute little reusable gift bags especially for wrapping up a bottle of the recipient's favorite drink. Have you ever tried wrapping a bottle with paper? I'd highly recommend these bags! :)

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