Monday, September 5, 2011

Animal, vegetable... fruit?

This past weekend I went to Wisconsin for a cousin's wedding and got to visit my grandpa while I was there. One of my favorite parts of going there is seeing the horses, of course.

But there were also two adorable half-grown kittens following us around.

We also spent a lot of time in Grandpa's vegetable garden.

While everyone else dug potatoes, carrots and radishes, I took photos...

... harassed a bee or two...

.... and saw my first real life swiss chard!

Grandpa also has a grape vine.

Raspberry bushes.

And apple trees so full of apples that he had to prop boards under the branches to keep them from breaking off under the weight!

Oh, so many apples!

We also made plans to go back in October when it's time to squeeze the apples for cider. If you've never had fresh squeezed apple juice, it's unlike anything you could possibly imagine - I can't wait!

I was having a bit too much fun with Picnik today!

So there you go - animals, vegetables, no minerals, but fruit is more fun to photograph than minerals anyway!


Erica Lea said...

Your grandpa's garden looks wonderful! I don't blame you for taking photos, but hope you got to bring some of the bounty home:-) Cute kitties and beautiful horses, too.

Melissa Lynn D said...

Oh yes! I brought home a grocery bag full of potatoes, carrots, and a few cucumbers and another bag full of apples. I spent most of a day making applesauce and hashbrowns - neither of which I'd done before. I had a lot of fun, but my kitchen is a mess! :)

Frannie said...

Lovely photos. I miss my grandfathers farm.

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