Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorites Sept. 16

Haven't done Friday Favorites in a while, but I've been browsing around Etsy a lot again lately, and I want to share some of the beautiful things I've found.

Equine photograph from thezencowgirl on Etsy
In love with this photo! Beautiful composition, love the braids and the lighting, and I'm such a sucker for unique angles.

Camera coozy from xcessrize on Etsy.
Such a great idea! A protective "coozy" for those times you don't want to carry your whole camera bag - your camera can still have some protection in your purse or other bag.

Arabic calligraphy print from EveritteBarbee on Etsy.
This is simply amazing. The entire "drawing" is actually a written out poem. Art made from words has always fascinated me!

Cowboy boot drawing from KimbersFineArt on Etsy.
As a pencil artist myself, I can definitely appreciate the work that went into this! It also reminds me of my own cowboy boot drawing.

Rim light horse photograph from HorsephotosPro on Etsy.
Stunning! I don't even have words for this one!

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