Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where in the world is my art?

I've had this idea for a long time to keep a map of where I've sold artwork to, and this weekend, I finally got the things I needed to make it a reality - maps, corkboard, and pins.

I'm using black pins for stationery orders and white pins for prints. There is one original drawing sale and one photography sale that, for now, are marked in white, but eventually I'll get some more pin colors.

Here's my US sales:

And worldwide:
Two each to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and one to London!

I'm so excited about this. It's just so much fun to see where my artwork is going. This is, of course, only work sold online as I can't really ask every customer at a show where they're from and take time to mark it down, but I do know that I've sold originals at shows to England and Washington state among the more local customers.

Does anyone else do this? I'd love to see your maps!

1 comment:

Andee Eve@ bearing fruit said...

Awesome! I love the idea of using a map to track wheren your art is!

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