Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 County Fair Photos - Sport Action

Sport action was a category I was really looking forward to this year after getting a camera with which I can control shutter speed.

1st place! I took this photo at our annual family reunion near Canby, MN, in July 2012. It's tradition to have water fights, and one of my tactics for staying dry is to be the one holding the camera! This is my cousin soaking her dad. I love the expression on her face and the way the fast shutter speed "froze" the water.

1st place! Was also considered for the best of show award! This little Dachshund is named Champ. He belongs to my sister's in-laws, and she brought him with to visit one time when she was dog sitting. Being a city dog, he loved our trip to the creek and playing in the mud. Afterward, he needed a bath, and I was waiting with my camera when it was done to catch a series of shots I'd always wanted to capture. This was the best of the bunch.

1st place! This photo is from the Crystal Springs Rodeo near Clear Lake, SD, in June 2012. This is the calf roping event. I made it sepia but only somewhat transparently, so the original color shows through somewhat. I just love how it turned out - very old west looking, I think.

1st place! And was possibly considered for best of show - either this one or the sepia photo in the landscape category (my informant couldn't remember for sure). This photo was taken at the same rodeo as the photo above. This is the bareback bronc riding event. Shots like this are what make me love my Canon Rebel T3!

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Next up - Still life.

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