Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Yellow Medicine County Fair Photos - People

More photos from the county fair.
These are the photos I entered in the People category and the one I had for the Children category at the fair.

3rd place. This was taken in June 2012 at the Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo near Clear Lake, SD, with my Canon Rebel T3. It was just before the calf roping event, and this cowboy was warming up his horse and rope.

2nd place. This photo was taken just after the photo above. While waiting for the calf roping to start, this cowboy had to make some adjustments to his saddle.

1st place! I took this photo of my little sister in June 2012 in Canby, MN, with my Canon Rebel T3. It was the annual town celebration, we were watching the parade, and she was holding a puppy and laughing. I focused on her, said her name, and snapped the photo as she looked up. The puppy was upside down in her arms and had a funny shadow across his face, so I cropped him out and blurred out the background a bit since it was pretty distracting.

1st place! This photo was taken in August 2011 on Lake Amelia near Glenwood, MN, with my Fuji FinePix S700. A group of our friends were on vacation at the lake, and this couple was catching some sun on the tube trying to get tan for their wedding that fall.

Didn't place. This was my only entry in the children category and my only photo that didn't place. It was taken in May 2012 at Sylvan Park in Canby, MN, with my Canon Rebel T3. It was the first time someone had asked me to take pictures for them, and I had a lot of fun. The photo shoot was a celebration of this couple's anniversary, and this is their granddaughter.

You can see the animal photos here.

Next up - landscape!

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