Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday favorites for Oct. 7 - adding in Pinterest!

Going to start adding some favorites from Pinterest each week along with my Etsy favorites.

From Etsy:

I adore this peasant blouse from LOTUSFAMILYINBALI. Look at those fantastic sleeves split from shoulder to elbow!

Look at the wonderful light in this Gypsy Vanner painting from CrystalCookArt!

Can't you just imagine this end table from NineRed in my peacock-themed studio?

These snowflake soaps from mandalarain make me wish I had guests coming to my house for Christmas! So pretty and detailed, and they're even one of my favorite scents - warm vanilla sugar!

From Pinterest:
This is going to be a very wide variety of things. I have boards for artistic inspiration, blog/business ideas, recipes, crafty things, quotes, etc. I'm not quite sure how I should format these, so I think I'm just going to provide a link. Let me know if you'd like me to include photos also.

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup - With the weather turning cooler, soup is sounding better and better. This stuff is freezable too. Prepare ahead of time and then just thaw and reheat the day you want to eat it!
Great relationship advice - No one is perfect, but you can love them anyway.
Be yourself - It's not always easy, but it's worth it.
Quilt made from clothing - I've already started cutting up all the clothes I don't wear anymore. I was saving them for a garage sale, but some of the fabrics are so fun that I hate to give them up. This way, I'll be able to keep them in some form.
Romantic dressed-up  ponytail - Wish there were instructions for doing it, but I can probably figure it out if I put my mind to it.

This weekend, I'm going to meet up with an artist friend who's moving away. She's giving me her treadmill, and I have to go pick it up! Super excited to be able to keep up running through the winter!

What are your weekend plans?

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