Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In need of honest opinions

I ran across a competition for Art Horse Magazine, and I'm considering entering. The winners in each category are published in a book and/or magazine. It's a huge opportunity!

The catch is that it costs $30 to enter, and since I can't see my own work objectively, I'm looking for honest opinions from others.

If you're willing, go to that site I linked to above. At the right side of the dark gray bar at the top of the page are winners for past years. Click on the drawing category, take a look at the winners that were chosen, and please tell me if you think my drawing "Sawyer" would have a chance in competition with those other works. You don't have to say why if you don't want to, but just "yes" or "no" would be great!

It is one of my greatest desires as an artist to be able to see my work as others see it, but I know which flaws are there, and try as I might, I often can't see past them.


whirlwinddals said...

Yes, you need to enter!

Silverlight said...

Yes, I honestly think that you could compete. The standard of the other works is extremely high, but I think that 'Sawyer' would not be out of place competing with them.

Becky said...

This is gorgeous! Coming from someone that draws as well, I really hope you entered this in the contest! (I know this post is older, but man oh man, you are talented!)

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