Monday, October 10, 2011

Meander report

I'm having very mixed feelings about the Meander this year. On one hand, I saw more than 1500 people, met a couple great artists, had a lot of good conversations, and just had fun.

On the other hand, it was not very profitable.

Friday sales: $29
Saturday sales: $136.50
Sunday sales: $136.50
Total sales: $302

Entry fee: $175
Gas: $48.83
Tax: $19.30 (I figure my prices including sales tax, so it has to come out of the sales total)
Total expenses: $243.13

Profit: $58.87 - Pretty depressing, right?

I also spent over $220 on printing. That doesn't bother me so much, as I've got the inventory to show for it, but it did take a huge chunk out of my art business fund, so without some other sales, I will not have the funds to enter any larger shows next year.

I loved being able to hang work on the wall!

I don't usually put too much stake in the people who say they want me to do a commission or say they'll buy something from me online, I did have one of each this year that seemed very serious, and I would be thrilled if even one of them came through.

The ironic thing is that I was in a more central location this year and saw around three times as many people as previous years. There were two other 2-D artists (a watercolor painter and a photographer) in the same building, and I'm wondering if there was just too much competition.

I'm undecided right now, but I'm leaning towards not doing Meander next year. I've had many people tell me I should do Art in the Park in Brookings, SD, but I can't afford to enter both, and I've always gone with Meander as it's a sure in, whereas for Brookings, I'd have to be accepted by the jury. By the time the Brookings jury makes its decision, the Meander committee is already finalizing the brochures, so it really is taking a chance.


Theresa Paden said...

Your work is really beautiful. I'm sorry to hear you didn't have more sales at the Meander show. I think we are all experiencing this lack of sales, and the economy is just taking its toll on us artists. I'm sure you will have better luck and more sales next year, and with the holidays coming you will probably get some commissions soon, too :)

whirlwinddals said...

I'm sorry you didn't do better. I love your work--it's gorgeous!

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