Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shoe Drawing Redo

Can't remember if I mentioned it before, but the Art Instruction Schools lost my last assignment - yes, the shoe drawing that I spent so many hours on! The first piece of actual art I send them, and they lose it!

Now, I understand that things like this happen. I'm not faulting them on making a mistake as all humans do. What gets me is that they're making me redo the whole assignment! Instead of just letting me move on, they're making me pay for their mistake.

This all happened late this spring, and I'm just now getting to the point where I can work on this assignment without getting so fighting mad that I can't get anywhere.

I couldn't bear to do the exact same thing again, so I chose a different shoe. I am cheating a little on this and worked from a photo for the outline with a grid on photo and paper to get the proportions correct. I did it right the first time (worked from sight), and I'm not going to feel bad about making it easier on myself and faster the second time around!

Progress photos:
(The first two are really bad - my camera does not like to photograph line only)
15 min.
 30 min.
 45 min.

I'll be posting 15 min. step-by-step photos on Facebook as they're done, so if you'd like to keep up with this drawing, head over to my Facebook page and "Like" me.


Frannie said...

Oh my, I remember you working on that shoe! So sorry you have to summit a replacement piece. Looks like you selected the perfect shoe! If it were me I would have chosen a flip flop. Ha, ha.

Melissa Lynn D said...

Ha ha! Not a bad idea! I chose this shoe because it's what I wore to my sister's wedding, and I probably won't wear it again any time soon. Since this assignment takes some time, I try to choose a shoe I know I won't be needing.
Besides, I have to do it over again, I might as well have fun at it, right?

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