Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday favorites Oct. 28

Found on Etsy this week:

Fantastic barnwood crosses from TexasTrashDecor. I collect western crosses, and this would be a perfect addition to my collection (hint hint to any family members who may be reading this!)

Very pretty wrap top from Marsilia21.

I'm a big fan of moccasins like these from MoccasinWoman.

This African print dress is so fun!

I love this western saddle painting from BrucknerCowboyArt.

Found on Pinterest this week:
Bread for beginning bakers - I've sworn off buying bread and am making it in the bread maker, but I don't like the shape it comes out, so I'm thinking about trying to make it the "real" way.
Magnetic menu planner - Such a great idea! I'm going to have to look for this "magnet paper" they talk about.
Angel food cake chunks on skewers with strawberries and drizzled with chocolate.
Homemade pizza dough - I've stopped buying pizza and have been making my own instead, but I'm still buying ready-made dough. Going to have to take the next step.
Start each day new - great quote.

My weekend plans include the wedding of two friends and a mini getaway with my husband. We finished up harvest this week, and I'm desperately in need of some time with him. He's been coming home after I'm asleep and leaving before I'm up in the morning (he can run on 6 hours of sleep, but I need 8).

Halloween will be Monday, but I already dressed up in my costume two weeks ago for my friend's bachelorette party, and I have no reason to wear it again this weekend. That's one thing that really stinks about growing up - you have to have a reason to dress in costume. I remember having a "dress-up closet" and doing it just for fun when I was a kid!

Any big plans for the weekend or Halloween? What's your favorite costume?

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